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Practically everybody already knows that one of the most exciting developments in entertainment technologies for cars is the emergence of mobile video devices. Through such devices, our customers can enjoy television shows, movies or even play various kinds of video games. You can have your choice of LCD or TFT monitors that are usually installed at the back of headrests. Other versions are installed overhead and are provided with a flip-down screen so that users can conveniently flip them up when they are not in use. DVD players for cars are also available and satellite television broadcasts can even be enjoyed right inside your cars.

Mobile audio equipment that are designed to maximize your listening pleasure are also available. Foremost among these devices is the head unit that may contain different elements, including the radio receiver and tuner, CD player, DVD player, Minidisc, and USB flash memory. To ensure that the system will be able to reproduce the recorded music and sounds as closely as possible, amplifiers are provided to ensure that enough power is available. Meanwhile, the car speakers are precisely engineered to make sure that the different audio frequencies are faithfully reproduced. In addition, the design of these speakers are specifically geared for the environment found inside the car.

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Aside from entertainment products for the car, security systems are also made available to ensure that the car and its various components are protected from criminals. A remote security system allows the owner to setup the car such that when somebody attempts to tow it away or even open the windows or doors of your car, it will generate a warning sounds that may scare the would-be thief while calling the attention of other people in the area. A remote starter system may also be installed so that you can start the engine and then the car air-con to prepare its interior for your entry.

Another product range that Auto Gear specializes in are portable audio and video devices, such as those that allow the user to link his iPod or some other MP3 player to the radio system installed in your car. These products have various kinds of interfaces to ensure that different portable devices can be used. Of course, Bluetooth technology is also taken into account in the design of these interfaces. One example is the Bluetooth dongle that permits the user to stream music from different types of portable devices. Another important product is the one that enables the driver to use a cell phone without using his hands.

Finally, Auto Gear also provides home audio equipment to allow customers to experience the best in listening and viewing pleasure in the comfort of their homes. Some of these are loudspeakers with tweeters and woofers to ensure that the full audio range can be accurately reproduced. Docking stations are also available so that the music contained in portable devices like iPods and other MP3 players can be enjoyed using full-sized speakers when users are at home.